About Us

Started in late 2016 after careers in corporate job, we, two passionate entrepreneurs, bonded together and began to ask whys and what ifs a lot. We joined forces and began to set out our childhood dreams by building a brand and business that combines modernity, trend, and better product in a better way: an everyday footwear for every woman, a brand that is comfortable and lasts beyond the season.

Our first Esmé chapter began in February 2017 and it started with our signature mules. From design to creation to process, we believe that modern, stylish shoes should be just as effortless to wear as possible. We think less is more, that is why we designed the most simple and comfortable pair of handcrafted shoes. The result is yours to love and add to your style.

With all this work and love behind its creation, Esmé can finally start its life, and that is really when it all begins.